ROS Development

I’ve been doing a lot of work using ROS in a variety of different ways. I’ve been using it in the “normal” way which is loading it up on a bare-metal install of Ubuntu Linux, but I’ve also been using it a lot in virtualized ways such as Docker and WSL.

I’ve found that while ROS is a very popular tool and has a tremendously helpful user base, trying to find answers to questions about how to set it up as a development tool is often quite difficult. I’ve spent countless hours searching through forums and documentation trying to figure out different problems like using RViz in Docker or networking over WSL and hope to spare others the time spent searching by archiving my findings and methods here.

This page (and linked pages) will serve as a documentation site for all of my development environment work using ROS on various platforms and with various tools. I’ll link to different tools and posts I’ve done discussing different things, and hope to eventually make this a very helpful place for people trying to either get into ROS for the first time or simply increase their productivity in ROS.

Though this page is definitely a work in progress, I’ll include my current posts on these topics down below. Also, be sure to check back regularly as I will be updating this spot regularly with new and updated content.

ROS on different platforms

OMPL custom cost functions using ROS servers